Friday, September 21, 2012

Woodwork- Carving

Had tried doing some woodwork quite sometime ago.
Certainly wish I have the time to do more.

Started off with something small...

Enter. Wood. 12.4 x 17.5cm.

Then moved on to something bigger and softer wood. 
Baggage. Wood. 17.8 x 27.8cm. 2009.

The addiction came. As in I find it rather therapeutic to carve. It always have been actually. So I moved on to trying bigger pieces. As it is hard to find good wood here, I resort to using cutting board. They are made of very durable wood since, as its name implies... 
Balance. Wood. 29 x 41.5cm. 2009.

Time. Wood. 24 x 35.4cm. 2009.

Untitled. Wood. 21.8 x 32.8. 2009.

As I traced the year I did these. It really have been quite a long time ago. If time allows, it sure will be nice to try carving again...